Member Profiles

Professor Karen Nakamura with her service dog Momo

════ Karen Nakamura

Professor Karen Nakamura is a cultural and visual anthropologist at the University of California Berkeley. Her first book was titled Deaf in Japan: Signing and the Politics of Identity (2006). Her next project resulted in two ethnographic films and a monograph titled, A Disability of the Soul: An Ethnography of Schizophrenia and Mental Illness in Contemporary Japan (2014). She is currently working on the intersections of transsexuality and disability politics in postwar Japan as well as a project on disability, technology, and access especially in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML).

Lab Manager Nate Tilton

════ Nate Tilton

Nate is a disabled veteran and the Disability Lab Manager at the UC Berkeley Disability Lab, a maker space formed as a nexus for disability research, media, and flexible design in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a graduate student in Anthropology with a focus in Medical Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. Nate’s research focuses include disability anthropology, veteran health, critical disability studies, crip time, and military biopolitics.