Last semester, the RadMadLab was featured on PBS NewsHour! The segment highlights the lab’s overall mission, as well as some of our previous and current projects.

We leveraged this opportunity to share about the lab as both a physical and identity makerspace, in which those with disabilites are “tightly woven into the process of developing and designing and producing the tools that we use every day” (Josh Miele).

We hope that our feature will inspire other campuses to cultivate similar spaces in which disabled students and faculty can collaborate to solve access challenges through disability-centered design.

Projects and Team Members Feautured:

Lab members Cameron Johnson and Mark Williams Jr. getting interviewed by PBS’s Cat Wise.
RadMadLab’s very own Founder, Karen Nakamura and Associate Director, Nate Tilton, smiling for a picture with PBS’s Cat Wise and producer, Layla Quran. Momo the beagle and Starlin the labrador are there too!

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