The Lab’s Nate Tilton on the Assembling Inclusion Podcast

Check out the lab’s very own Associate Director, Nate Tilton, on the Assembling Inclusion Podcast with Dr. Katie Nieves Licwinko!

The Assembling Inclusion Podcast highlights diverse perspectives with hopes to “bring awareness of how to be more inclusive in our daily lives.”

In Nate’s episode, he gives background on the lab and its role as an inclusive and identity makerspace, with projects led by people in the disabled community. They also discuss some of the lab’s projects and equipment, and how the space is created to be fully accessible.

Nate highlights disability in higher education, and calls other universities to establish similar spaces to our lab and Berkeley’s Disability Cultural Center. Much like the lab’s feature on PBS, we hope that Nate’s discussion on the podcast “will inspire other campuses to cultivate similar spaces in which disabled students and faculty can collaborate to solve access challenges through disability-centered design.”

Click here to listen to Nate’s Assembling Inclusion podcast episode on Apple Podcasts!

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